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The Perfect Thanksgiving Gift - Food

Posted on September 27, 2017 by Andy Parker | 0 Comments

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

At its very core, Thanksgiving is a harvest holiday. As summer ends and the crisp chill of autumn sets in, the last harvest before winter is gathered and brought in from the fields.

Historically, a bountiful harvest at the end of the season would mean the difference between a cozy winter, or a drawn out and hunger-filled struggle. As winter drew close, food was the first and last thing on everyone’s mind, and those who had enough were certainly thankful for it.

Although our modern conveniences allow us plentiful food year-round, treats and feasting are still at the very heart of Thanksgiving. Tables sprawling with turkeys, hams, squashes, apples, chocolates, cheeses, sweets, and more seasonal goodies are commonplace at Thanksgiving.

During this time of thanks, it is important to express appreciation for the dearly special people in our lives, the people who fill every day with joy, kindness, and love. The best way to display our gratitude is with an offering of food and a kind word.

HAZELTON’S Thanksgiving Gift Baskets are filled with all manner of delicious treats, perfectly suited for the season, and are a lovely way of saying "Thank You" for being you.

Traditional Thanksgiving Treats

Thanksgiving Gift Basket

Traditional treats are a wonderful way of expressing thanks while remaining true to the season. Autumn is often associated with particular flavours, and gifting them is a beautiful way to let people know you are thinking of them this Thanksgiving. Apples, dried fruit, and nuts are all staples of fall, and make for a great snack or appetizer.

HAZELTON’S "Thank You For You” Thanksgiving Gift Basket includes all these varied flavours of autumn, as well as two bottles of wine, and a bouquet of seasonal flowers, making this beautiful gesture a truly complete package.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Traditional Thanksgiving Gift Basket

Alternatively, a basket including a wide range of flavours may be the perfect way of conveying thanks. The old idiom “variety is the very spice of life,” holds true time and time again, and more oft than not makes for good advice worth considering.

A basket of treats suited for different meals and occasions, with varied flavours ranging from sweet to savoury is a positively outstanding expression of gratitude. Our Festive Feast Thanksgiving Gift Basket is the very epitome of variety, filled near to bursting with all manner of flavours, such as bold coffee beans, rich salami, and decadent chocolate truffles.

Keep it Simple

Cozy Thanksgiving Basket

There is something to be said for familiar comfort food. Though Thanksgiving can be a busy time, it should also be encouraging and comforting, and a gift of favorite simple treats may be just the thing to help keep it that way.

HAZELTON’S Tipsy Hay Wagon Thanksgiving Gift Basket is filled with nostalgic charm, complete with familiar tastes, and memories of Thanksgiving weekend hay wagon rides. Four beers, a variety of roasted nuts, pretzels and dipping mustard complete this gift, filling it with delicious salted delight.

Bold and Exciting

Bold Thanksgiving Gift Basket

When gifting a basket of treats for Thanksgiving, one can also consider bold and exciting flavours. Though familiar comforting snacks are always lovely, it is oh so exciting to try new foods, especially when they are carefully crafted gourmet treats.

The To Granny’s Cottage Thanksgiving Gift Basket contains all the tools needed to make a mouth watering brie brûlé, while also featuring a boldly flavoured gourmet rib rub, chipotle hot sauce, four bottles of expertly brewed beer, and so much more.

Food for Thought

Thanksgiving Gifts

There are many ways of gifting bountiful fare, and each can be as heartfelt and sincere as the next when given to the right person. A gift of food is a symbolic gesture of sustenance, conveying a message of love and thankfulness, that can be made all the more powerful with a few carefully crafted words of genuine kindness. A gift of food is the perfect way of expressing yourself to those you are thankful for this Thanksgiving, and HAZELTON’S Thanksgiving Gift Baskets offer many options for ensuring you can find the right gift.



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