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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift; As Seen on The Marilyn Denis Show

Posted on December 01, 2017 by Andy Parker | 0 Comments

HAZELTON'S Christmas

It can be overwhelming finding the perfect Christmas gift, but with the right knowhow it doesn’t need to be difficult. HAZELTON’S knows a thing or two about the art of gift giving, and it is our belief that the perfect Christmas gift is seasonally relative, delightfully delicious, attractive to look at, presented with gusto, and provides long-term enjoyment. If a gift encompasses all five of these virtues, chances are you have a gift that will be cherished, enjoyed, and remembered. Featuring our Santa’s Sweet Treats Sleigh Christmas gift basket, soon to be featured on The Marilyn Denis Show, we’ll walk you through all the key aspects that combine together to make the perfect Christmas gift. Tune in Monday December 4th to see our Santa’s Sweet Treats Sleigh on The Marilyn Denis Show.


Santa's Sweet Treats Sleigh

Santa's Sweet Treats Sleigh

Christmas is a distinct and characterful time of the season. For many, it is the most anticipated point of the year, and as such the perfect Christmas gift should embody the spirit of the holiday. That’s not to say that a Christmas gift should simply be a Santa doll, but the gift should allude to the season at the very least. A pair of skates or a beautiful handmade knitted scarf are both fitting for winter fun, making them lovely examples of seasonal gifts. The Santa’s Sweet Treats Sleigh, decorated as a sleigh complete with nine festively costumed Coca Cola bottles, is brimming with Christmas charm.


Everybody loves a delicious treat, and that extends to gifts as well. Christmas is a time where rich bold flavours thrive, and the perfect gift should embrace the feast-like atmosphere of the holiday. Savoury gourmet goods, and delightfully sweet treats are the order of the day come Christmas time, meaning a gift that incorporates delicious flavours will be beloved and cherished. Filled with rich hot chocolate, delightful marshmallow sweets, classic candies, chocolate truffles, and more, the Santa’s Sweet Treats Sleigh embodies rich delicious flavours with pride, once again making it an excellent choice for a Christmas gift.


HAZELTON'S Christmas Gift Baskets

The perfect holiday gift should also be attractive and pleasant to look upon. It might seem superficial, but if somebody is going to look back upon a gift and cherish the memory, they should at the very least like the way it looks. When selecting a gift stop to dwell on how the would-be-present appears, if it looks out of place (or heaven forbid ugly and gaudy), it may be best to just move along and look for something else. The perfect present should be something the recipient can take pride in, something they should feel comfortable showing off and putting on display. The Santa’s Sweet Treats Sleigh fits this description to a tee. It is a beautiful and festive display that is as much a joy to look upon as its contents are delicious and delectable.


They say first impressions are important, and that is a principle that applies to the perfect gift just as much as it does to people. The ideal Christmas gift should bring joy from the very first glance, and instantly leave an impression that will not soon be forgotten. This is a trait of a Christmas present that may extend beyond the gift itself, and can incorporate how the gift in question is received. The Santa’s Sweet Treats Sleigh is not only delightful to behold, but due to being a gift basket the Santa’s Sweet Treats Sleigh can easily be delivered as a surprise to home, work, or school. Nothing brings about holiday cheer while leaving a wonderful impression quite like a surprise gift.

-Long-Term Enjoyment-

Long Term Enjoyment

And finally, the perfect Christmas gift should offer the recipient some long-term enjoyment. Though largely a collection of delicious treats, the Santa’s Sweet Treats Sleigh arrives in a beautiful handcrafted wooden sleigh. Made in North America by our dedicated in-house woodworking team, the sleigh is a beautiful piece of Christmas decor that will bring years of delight. The sleigh is an attractive storage option, perfect for keeping track of smaller pieces of decor and household knick-knacks. The entirety of the perfect Christmas gift need not last forever, but a piece of it at the very least should keep the memory of the gift fresh and alive for a long time to come.


By combining seasonal charm, wonderful flavours, a beautiful appearance, memorable presentation, and longevity of enjoyment, the recipe for the perfect Christmas gift begins to take shape. A gift that embodies all five of these virtues is something that will be enjoyed, beloved, and leave a wonderful impression along with lasting memories. The Santa’s Sweet Treats Sleigh is one of HAZELTON’S signature Christmas gift baskets, and meets all of our criteria for the perfect Christmas gift. See the Santa’s Sweet Treats Sleigh featured on The Marilyn Denis Show, or order it now and gift Christmas joy to a lucky family member, friend, or loved one. For more Christmas gift ideas, tune into The Marilyn Denis Show Monday December 4th. Best of luck finding the perfect gifts, and have a very Merry Christmas. 

HAZELTON'S Christmas



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