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I ordered this to be delivered to celebrate a wedding. I gave the delivery date. It was not delivered on that date and I was not notified that the delivery could not be made. I received an email on the day of the new delivery. I responded and was told there were “unforeseen circumstances.” This is unacceptable. I should have been notified that delivery would not be made in the date requested and offered the opportunity to cancel. I was informed I could not have canceled and there was no way to refund me. Please do not do business with this company. They do not care about customer service.

Graceful Orchid & Alstroemeria Box
Mrs Ilyne Peters Weinberg
Beautiful fresh flowers

Delivered as promised

Discrepancy in order

There is a discrepancy in the recent order I placed with your company. The product description and accompanying image on your website depicted a Pink Whispers Exotic Orchid Plant. However, upon receiving the product, I discovered that the flowers were entirely white instead of pink, which does not align with the advertised description. This variance is unacceptable.

Furthermore, while the order was placed on April 2nd with a stated delivery date of April 8th according to the invoice, the product was only received today, April 10th. This delay is highly disappointing, particularly as the item was intended as a birthday present. The recipient's birthday has passed, and it is regrettable that they received their gift late due to the delayed delivery and incorrect delivery date provided. Customer Service Agent did not gave a satisfactory resolution. Very Disappointing with ethe service. Will not recommend to anyone.

As this is my first time ordering from your company, I am greatly disappointed to have encountered such issues with both the product and the delivery process.

Bait and switch

Not only was the wrong plant and planter sent to my grieving friend, but your customer service made excuse after excuse that they can substitute anything they want even when it isn’t even equivalent to the plant I ordered. I ordered this specific planter and they sent one that was ugly. The plant was upended with the soil dumped out before delivery and my grieving friend had to repot the plants. The confirmation stated it would be there on a specific date. It was not. It was delivered 4 days later. I wouldn’t give your company any stars if that was an option.


I ordered the Sweet Talk floral gift set for my husband as Valentine gift. He love it! The floral arrangement was beautiful! He really like the wine and cheese selected!

Not our fault

One and done here. Missed the mark and said it was someone else’s fault.
So many other places to buy Valentine’s Day gifts you should try before this one.
I ordered gifts using edible-delights for the same holiday and had a great experience.
0/ stars ⭐️


Received great feedback from the recipient, happy customers !

Excellent gift!

It was a great basket! I was able to choose the items I wanted and my family loved it! They just wanted to thank me again for the great New Year gift.


I received a good review about this item. Truffles were delicious and the chocolate coated strawberries were fantastic! She was very pleased with my gift!

Amazibg Five Star Service

Very satisfactory and reliable service. Thank you Hazelton's team. Five star service!!!

Grand Marnier Cake
Isobel Davidson

My friend was delighted with the quality of the cake I am delighted it arrived the same as the picture portrayed it.Will certainly use your services again.

I sent this gift to my daughter for her birthday. She was thrilled with the contents. I have sent Hazelton's baskets in the past and have never had any complaints. I hve another one on the way for tomorrow for another birthday gift for my son.

Flowering Plants
Victoria Loewe
Flowering Plants

The plant that was sent ended up being frozen! I have tried to call you and left the information you asked for, and my message about the plant’s condition was not returned and there was no email response either. The order # was HTU81780 . Kindly email, or preferably call me at [****]. Thank you for your time in advance.

Save your money

Two orders placed, arrived completely destroyed, no refund for either.

I can't review something that wasn't sent. BAIT AND SWITCH. H&T hides behind their "Terms and Con...

I spent over $130 on an Orchid and 3 bottles of wine for a retiring employee that was supposed to be delivered the same day. It didn't get there until 2 days later - which was ok, except... Heart & Thorn sent products entirely different than what I ordered.

I sent this in an email to their customer service department:

"The Oriental Musings Exotic Orchid Plant description online shows two pink/ivory orchid stems in a rectangular shaped basket planter. My recipient received white orchids in a round white planter with a green bow that looked like someone was in a hurry when they tied it. Also, the wine selections that I ordered were not what was delivered. I can look past this too, but the flowers, I can’t. I understand that your website states that in some cases, substitutions will be made. However, the orchids I ordered took me forever to pick out and they looked so pretty and elegant, but what she received was really very disappointing and was definitely not what I paid for. I would never have ordered plain white orchids at a cost of $79.99 and I just don’t agree that solid white orchids are an acceptable substitution for pink and ivory colored ones. Not from a company that claims to be America’s #1 Flower Gift Company. Very disappointing."

Here was the reply I received:

"Hi Erin,

We're sorry to learn that you are not satisfied with the products delivered. We do take careful steps to ensure that all orders exceed expectations. However, as per our substitution policy stipulated in our terms and conditions, at times substitutions may be necessary to fulfill orders in a timely manner, especially in the event that an order is time-sensitive and intended for a special occasion.
Substitutions are actually quite common within the gifting and gift basket industry, as products are constantly changing on an ongoing basis after product details and photos have been published. Some items may be temporarily unavailable due to various reasons beyond our immediate control, under which circumstances we reserve the right to substitute such items with similar products of equal or greater value to ensure that orders are delivered in a timely manner without incurring further delays. Degrees of substitution may vary. In some rare instances, the entire contents of an order may be substituted.
Due to the high volume of orders being processed, we are not always able to contact customers ahead to advise them of substitutions. By placing an order you accepted our terms and conditions, and thus agreed that the order may consist of products that differ from the original product description. Furthermore, you agreed that you are not entitled to refunds or compensation under such circumstances, as per our refund policies: "NOT AS DESCRIBED & SUBSTITUTIONS - Where a package is 'not as described on our website' and/or we have substituted item(s) in a gift/gift basket that are in compliance with our 'substitution policy'.

We appreciate your understanding.

Sincerely," XXX "(CSR)"

(I have removed the CSR rep's name. It was not the CSR's fault, just doing what they are paid to do)

I will never use this company again.

I ordered a classy looking gift for a classy person and they received something that I could have gotten at the local supermarket.

Do yourself a favor, skip this company and save some money by just using InstaCart. You'll get the same results for half of the cost.

The Large Birthday Cake
Horst Finkbeiner
Nice cake, slow delivery

The cake was really nice, great quality and exactly as promised. Delivery sadly took 6 days from the day ordered.

muskoka wine and cheese board.

Sent to my sister and husband for anniversary, they were very happy and enjoyed. Only disappointed in the delivery arrived a week late, as the delivery company does not deliver on week ends and holidays
all looks great but makes you think twice before ordering on how important it is.


Hearth & Thorn REFUSED TO FULLY REFUND. Flowers completely damaged. Bottle of Champagne BROKEN.

Dead Flowers

Flowers arrived dead and cheese was melted
Straight trash

I have done this request with Olivia at customer service

Simple Orchid Gift Box
Dudley Shotwell

Simple Orchid Gift Box


I ordered flowers, wine and chocolate covered pears for my parents 35th anniversary. This was the WORST online flower order I have ever made. The product did not match the description at all!!! None of the flowers from the photo were used in the bouquet, no roses, just a bunch of cheap flowers (carnations!!!) thrown together, and wrapped in cheap paper. Not only that, the flowers were brown and rotting!!! The pears that were advertised as chocolate covered pears were ROTTEN. All three. There was a cheap, ugly silver bow on top of the pears, that were literally brown and oozing. The “chocolate” was a cheap, no-name brand bar thrown in the box. It was old and bitter. I am beyond disappointed and outraged at the lack of quality. Never could I have imagined something so trashy and gross would be delivered. This company is clearly attempting a money grab, promising unique gifts only to charge very high prices for delivery and upgrades. Thank God I planned other gifts for my parents. I was so embarrassed. This was an absolute mess. Do not waste your money!!!

Great delivery, flowers wilted

Delivery was on time! Champagne was perfect! Flowers were wilted and crushed.

Delicate Pastel Orchid Floral Gift
Underwhelming in person

Unfortunately the final product did not look like the picture, as a lot of pieces seems to be substituted (various elements of the bouquet looked very different). The sparking wine was substituted out for a cheaper one without any kind of notice or refund. Disappointing.


Thank You for providing a perfect sympathy gift - to morn and celebrate a very special person.