Baby Gift Baskets - Boy or Girl

Toronto Baby Gift Basket"My Mom and Dad won't know what sex I am - Boy or Girl - until I am born. So it is going to be a bit of a challenge to buy me a gift.  You can't choose blue because you can't be sure I am a boy.  And you can't choose pink because I might not be a girl.  So that leaves white, yellow, green or yellow.  Or maybe the primary colours.  I don't know what to suggest -- I am just learning colours (don't tell Mom!)  Maybe the Designers at Hazelton's can help.  Check out their offerings below."

Well, the Designers at Hazelton's are up to the challenge.  Our Custom Baby Gift Baskets and other Baby Gift Baskets allow you to choose a Baby Gift Basket when you don't know whether the Newborn will be a boy or a girl.  

And in the Summer of 2013 this category will be exploding with 22 new designs.  Our designers have design the New Baby Baskets and they have been photographed.  Over the next few weeks, these new designs will be rolled-out.  We are sure you will be impressed as will the New Mom & Dad.  Stay Tuned for Updates on the roll-out!

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