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Choosing Gifts for New Baby

Posted on July 31, 2017 by Noémie Jedral | 0 Comments

baby gift basketsWelcoming a new baby into the family is always such a wonderful experience, and something to be shared and celebrated with family, friends, and loved ones. There is always plenty of excitement to be had, and plenty of things to talk about!

That being said, a baby is also a lot of work, and it may be hard to know what to get for the new baby. If you’re reading this, it has probably been a long time since you have been a baby, and it will be hard to remember what sorts of things you appreciated as a newborn. In that way, baby gifts are sometimes more for the parents. Whether it is something to make their lives easier, or just something really nice for the new little person they are cherishing, it is the parents who will forever remember the wonderful gift you took the time to decide on.

At Hazelton’s Gift Baskets, we know the importance of picking the right gift, so we’ve compiled some information on how to choose the right baby gift.

Daily Things and Diaper Cakes

Baby Shower Diaper Cake

A wonderful thing to gift new parents are the items they will be sure to use daily. It may not seem very extravagant to give the gift of diapers and washcloths, but keep in mind that these items become very expensive very quickly, and will always be needed. For beautiful gifts made from ordinary objects, our diaper cakes are a show-stopper idea that will really make the parents say “Wow!” Made from a variety of mealtime necessities, swaddling cloths, and yes, diapers, these adorable gift baskets often come with a cuddly friend for snuggling up with afterward, too.

Buy Bigger - What to Get for Babies

Babies grow very quickly! When it comes to clothes, most items that are a perfect fit at 2 months old are unlikely to fit well at 4 months. With that in mind, parents will be happy to already have larger sizes of clothing available to them when needed. Giving a gift that can’t be used all at once is not a bad thing – instead, it helps the parents be prepared for what’s to come.

Pink or Blue?

gender neutral baby gifts

The ultimate question! There is long-standing debate on this topic. Until approximately one hundred years ago, pink was actually the choice colour for boys, whereas blue was always used for girls. This was because pink was perceived as a stronger, brighter colour, and blue as softer and more feminine. Nowadays, it is hard to find a lot of pink items that are meant for boys, and blue items meant for girls, but the debate still stands: should you separate the sexes with colour? It’s a tough question to answer. While many people will be happy to receive the “standard” colour, many people can get very upset about it, and still others choose not to learn the sex of their baby before s/he is born. Fortunately, we have many baby gift baskets made for just that! If you’re not sure what will make the parents happy, or simply don’t know the baby’s sex, we highly recommend picking a gender-neutral baby gift basket. It’s a safe bet that is still full of all the wonderful things you would receive otherwise.

It’s Not Just Baby’s Big Day

Remember how we said sometimes the gifts are more for the parents? They will be the happiest people on this special occasion, but also the most overworked. They’re celebrating too, and deserve some time off their feet! Don’t shy away from adding a bottle of champagne, gourmet chocolates, or some spa accessories to your gift. At the end of the day, presentation matters the most, so make your gift as beautiful as the beautiful family who will be receiving it.

welcoming new baby



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