Tartufi Italiani - Truffle Infused Oils, Salt & Honey

Italy is known the world over for its Truffles!

And one of Italy’s best kept truffle secrets in the region of Molise.  With its pristine forests and remote location, the Molise region offers the ultimate environment in which truffles can flourish and grow.  Hazelton's takes great pride in bringing you exquisite, truffle infused products imported from the heart of this region. Hazelton's truffle products are the ultimate culinary indulgence.  Our products are, and always have been, crafted using old world methods, care and craftsmanship.  Using our oils, salt and honey will make a distinct layer of flavour and aroma to all your recipes.  

Your everyday culinary experiences can become extravagant Mediterranean adventures.

Below is Our Offerings of Truffle Infused Products - Choose These Products on Their Own or as Part of a Gift Basket.  Enjoy!