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HAZELTON`S Cheese of the Month Club

Dear Cheese Lover,Platinum cheese of the month club

At Hazelton`s, we have been passionate about cheese since we opened our company. Cheese is extremely diverse and never gets boring to us! These is always new flavours, new textures, new ways to eat cheese. And cheese is great for entertaining or as a gift. It can be paired with wine, beer, liquor and crackers and flatbreads. It is really a very versatile food.

We love cheese and love that you want to be part of Hazelton`s Cheese of the Month Club. Whether you enjoy the membership yourself or give it as a gift, we know that you will enjoy the rewards of Hazelton`s Cheese of the Month Club.

We have traveled extensively internationally and have taken care to select cheese makers who reflect a wide range of cheeses that are available in the world - Cheese makers who innovate and are not afraid to experiment with different ingredients and cheese making processes.

Every month, we select from three to five artisan cheeses made from innovative and tantalizing ingredients. You or your gift recipient will enjoy:

- Selected hand-crafted, Artisan Cheeses from Canada and throughout the world
- At least one international cheese in every shipment
- Selections that have been hand-cut by our staff and carefully aged. Every selection is freshly cut just prior to shipping from wheels or blocks. This is quite labor intensive and you’ll appreciate the difference it makes.
- Our Monthly Pairing Guide with wine and beer suggestions.
- A Personalized Gift Card with a Message if this will be gift.
- Gift wrap and a bow if this membership is a gift.

You’ll discover cheeses you wouldn't easily find on your own.  We have done all of the hard work for you and hope that you or your gift recipient will truly enjoy our selections.

Gold Cheese of the Month club


Gift Memberships

Your gift recipients will be extremely impressed and delighted as they sample artisan cheeses from around the world. They will discover an enormous range of tastes, aromas and textures. Each time they savor a featured selection, they will be reminded of your thoughtfulness. Cheese subscription Gold Memberships are $44.95 $CAN month [plus S&H] and Platinum Memberships are $69.99 $CAN. Cheese of the Month Club Memberships can range from 3 to 12 months. You can pay in one installment or as shipments are sent.

Personal Memberships

We invite you to join with a personal membership from $44.95 CDN per month [plus S&H]. Memberships can be either fixed-term or open-ended, allowing you to pay as you go and cancel at any time. Membership fees are charged to your credit card just prior to each shipment or in one installment.

Combined Memberships

Get Creative: Combine your Cheese of the Month Club membership with the Hazelton`s Design Your Own Club Memebership. Consider combining a Cheese Club Membership with any of our five other gourmet clubs: International Wines, Microbrewed Beers, Gourmet Chocolates or Gourmet Crackers.


The Hazelton`s Cut Process

The expert cheese cutters at Hazelton`s select perfect cheese wheels and blocks and cut your cheese to order. Each order is cut inside of our state-of-the-art clean room. Cutting cheese at Hazelton’s is an art, not a science, so while your piece may be slightly over or slightly under what you ordered, you can rest assured that it was cut just for you.

Wrap Process

Your cheese is wrapped in our specially-produced cheese paper. The paper is lined with a breathable layer to allow the cheese to continue maturing while en route to your door. The breathable paper prevents the cheese from being suffocated, but also prevents it from drying out.

State of the Art Packaging
Every order is packed in a thermal lined box with reusable food-friendly gel packs. The goal is for the cheese to arrive cool to cold. Remember, cheese cannot be frozen.

Shipping Fresh Cheese to Your Doorstep 
Depending on the contents of your order and the destination of your shipment, you'll be offered hand delivery, next day delivery, rush delivery or  ground shipping at checkout. Since some of our cheeses can only be in transit for one to two days,  hand delivery, next day or rush delivery may be your only option. You can always call us (416-837-8811) with special shipping questions or concerns.

How To Order
Simply order your Personal Membership or Gift Membership online or call us at 416-837-8811.Cheese of the month club joinCheese of the Month Club