Custom Gift Baskets

Want to Design a Custom Gift Basket?  

Want to choose the types of items you want in a Gift Basket?  If you do, you are in the right place!

Custom Gift Baskets Toronto

Our Custom Gift Baskets allow you to show your creative side and meet the specific needs or desires of the gift recipient.

We have arranged our Custom Gift Baskets by Theme - Choose the Theme that closely meets the gift basket you would like to purchase!

Once you have chosen the Theme, the next step is choosing the types of items you would like included in your Custom Gift Basket. You can choose wine, champagne, beer, gourmet items, etc.  Or if there is a special item that we haven't listed but is somewhere on our website, you can indicate this as well.

Custom Gift Baskets

Next choose the budget.  If you select a budget and it is too small to include everything you have chosen, we will include as many items as possible.  If the budget is large, we will include multiples of items that you have chosen.

The final step is providing the delivery information including the delivery date, delivery location, card information, etc.

With all of this information, our designers will design a gift basket that includes the items you have chosen. We will make sure the gift basket looks full and generous! All of our Custom Gift Baskets come with a basket or container that you can choose.  We will always wrap the gift basket in cellophane and attach a beautiful handmade bow. We will also attach a greeting card with your personalized message.

Thank you for choosing a Custom Gift Basket by Hazelton's!

Choose One of Our Custom Gift Baskets!