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 The Brix Chocolate Seduction
Hazelton's Hand-Made Swiss Chocolates & Truffles
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Brix Chocolate Delivery Toronto Handmade Swiss Chocolates & Gift Baskets
Brix has mastered the pairing of wine with chocolate - in an almost seductive manner.  Countless chocolate recipes were experimented with until Brix made just the right chocolate for a given wine style.  And the result is simply decadent. Try Brix's Pairing Chocolates today!  Chocolate delivery Toronto & Canada! Hazelton’s prize winning fresh cream truffles & chocolates are hand-made daily in the old Swiss tradition of chocolate. Many of our dark chocolate truffles are made with 70% cocoa. Our Truffles can be purchased in chocolate gift sets or as part of chocolate gift basket. Chocolate delivery Toronto & Canada! Icewine Chocolates & Truffles are as unique as Icewine is to Canada.  Great for Valentine's, Mother's Day, Easter or any occasion when chocolate is worshipped! Chocolate delivery Toronto & Canada!

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