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Posted on March 08, 2018 by Rohan Parekh | 0 Comments

Morning After St. Patrick's Day Cure
The Morning After St. Patrick’s Day Doesn’t Have To Be Terrible

If only you could party all night and wake up refreshed the next day… That’s what you’re probably thinking because it’s the morning after St. Patrick’s Day and your face is as green as the clothes you’re still wearing from last night. You feel so awful that you probably googled the fatality rates of hangovers. But even if you could go back in time and un-drink all that alcohol, would you really want to? Sometimes the best memories are the ones you can’t remember!

Prevention is preferable to a cure, so if you’re fortunate enough to be reading this before your annual St. Patrick’s Day bash, there are some things you can do to prevent an almighty hangover the next morning. The first suggestion may be a bit obvious but try not to drink too much. Everyone has limits, and hopefully you know yours. Also, don’t be afraid to eat till your heart’s content. Before you take your first sip of alcohol, have a hearty meal containing carbs, protein and fat – it goes a long way in preventing sickness the next day.

However, if you’re reading this on the morning after St. Patrick’s Day, here’s what you can do to nurse your hangover.


Drink Water

First of all, drink every bit of H2O you can get your hands on. It doesn’t have to be plain water, you can have peppermint or ginger tea, which helps with nausea and stomach-aches. Sports drinks work well too, especially if you sweat while drinking. The more you sweat the more dehydrated you get, and the electrolyte bonus you get from sports drinks will help hydrate your body. If you aren’t a fan of tea or sports drinks, the natural sugars and vitamins of freshly squeezed fruit juice will recharge your body, quickly break down the alcohol, and relieve you of your migraine.


Work Out

Working out is probably the last thing you want to do after a vigorous night celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but a little physical activity will take your mind off the pains brought on by the hangover. Go for a run and feel your legs burn so you forget about that throbbing headache. Even a short walk outside will help – some fresh air and sunshine can have a soothing effect on your nerves. But do not start exercising as soon as you wake up. What you should first do after waking up is eat a meal with carbs and wait an hour before you exercise. This will help restore your energy. Also, if you aren’t proud of something you did last night, the endorphins you get from working out will make you feel better!


The Morning After St. Paddy’s Day Gift Basket

The Morning After St. Paddy’s Day Gift Basket will help you survive AND thrive the morning after St. Patrick’s Day. This gift basket comes with an abundance of fresh fruit, sinfully sweet cookies, and fresh coffee beans that can be made into the perfect cup of coffee. As mentioned above, fruits will relieve your migraine and there’s nothing like a piping hot cup of coffee to help you seize the day!

This gift basket is the ultimate pick-me-up that will keep your feet firmly planted on the ground (as opposed to lying helplessly in bed). Also, the sight of a beautifully decorated gift basket is bound to lift your spirits, or the spirits of an equally hungover friend. Enjoy this gift basket with your friends while all of you promise one another that you’ll never drink so much ever again, even though all of you will know that’s a big lie.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you defeat your hangover early and salvage an awesome day!


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