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Posted on March 14, 2018 by Rohan Parekh | 0 Comments

How to be the life of the party
Five Tips On How To Be The Life of the Party

It’s not at all uncommon to feel a little lost at parties. The continuous chatter and loud music can sometimes feel overwhelming. You might excel in quieter social gatherings, but when it comes to parties you just have no idea what’s going on. Before you learn how to be the life of the party, you must first learn how to get over your party anxiety; and the tips below will help you do just that. These tips will be especially helpful if you feel anxious or uneasy at social gatherings in general.

1. Start Specific Conversations

When you’re at a party, you’re going to meet many new people so starting a conversation with generic questions like “What’s new?” and “How’s it going?” is going to lead to generic answers like “Oh, not much the usual.” and “Not bad.” It’s okay to ask such questions if you already know the person but if you’re trying to get to know someone, it’s best to talk about something specific. The easiest way to do this is to find out what’s trending – there is always something trending – and talk about that. The movie Black Panther is a great example, it’s a beautiful portrayal of diversity and bravery. Also, who would’ve thought a few years ago that Black Panther, a relatively unknown superhero, would not just beat but destroy Justice League at the box office? (Justice League only made $650 million in revenues). Once you break the ice with a specific conversation topic, it’ll be easier to get to know whoever you’re talking to.

Watch comedians to learn how to be the life of the party

2. Watch Stand-Up Comedy 

Stand-up comedians are professionals at making people laugh. With the exception of Dane Cook, they’re witty, clever, and good storytellers (At least in this author’s humble opinion). That’s why you should watch them as much as possible. Their good influence will rub off on you. They say that you are what you eat, well, you are also what you watch. Basically, you become what you expose yourself to and you’ll undoubtedly benefit if you expose yourself to the right things. If you can be witty and funny, you’ll ascend to the throne of any party within minutes. A word of warning though, do not steal any jokes and claim them as your own because it could be extremely embarrassing if you get caught. But there’s no harm in using a comedian’s joke in conversation as long as you give them credit. Watching stand-up comedy before heading out to a party works very well, it’ll really pump you up and get you ready to show people how awesome you are.

3. Watch How Much You Drink 

Don’t drink so much at a party that you lose control over your words and actions. You don’t want to say anything embarrassing or do anything stupid like getting behind the wheel of a car. Getting too drunk is especially awkward at an office party or a family reunion. You don’t want to be known as the person that stripped naked, climbed onto a table and started singing nursery rhymes before being kicked out by security. However, it is certainly okay to drink enough so that you can relax and keep your nerves at bay – there’s nothing like a little alcohol to loosen you up so that it’s easier to have interesting and fun conversations with new people.

4. Avoid Dead Ends

At every party, there are always going to be people that you have no interest in. You’d rather stare at a wall than talk to them. But sometimes you can get stuck with them. They just keep talking and talking while you silently pray that the ceiling collapses on them. These people are your dead ends, if they waste too much of your time then you won’t have time to get to know anyone else. The best way to escape from them is to simply say that you have to use the washroom. Or quickly finish your drink and tell them you need to get another. Or pretend to check your phone, look extremely worried and tell them that you need to make an urgent call. The point is, do whatever you have to do to escape!

5. Keep It Simple

To be the life of the party, you don’t have to be in the middle of a circle as everyone laughs along to your hilarious stories. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a few good conversations with a few people. Chances are most of your conversations will be very much on the surface, because deep conversations take time and you can only have so many deep conversations before the party is over. So there’s no need to pressure yourself into having amazingly insightful conversations with everyone. Forget about that kind of pressure so that you’re free to enjoy yourself, because at the end of the day, the entire point of going to a party is to have fun.

How to be the life of the party with your friends

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There you have it, five simple tips you can use in any social situation. The next time you’re invited to a party, there’s no need to make up an excuse so that you don’t have to go; after all, how many times can your dear old grandmother die of a heart attack before people start getting suspicious?



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