"I Woof You Mom" Gift Basket

  • “I Woof You Mom” Gift Basket is the perfect gift basket to say “I love you”. Featuring a plush toy, a collection of chocolates, tea, chutney, crackers and a serving tray, the “I Woof You Mom” Gift Basket is great for an anniversary, Mother’s day or any other special occasion. Additional gourmet goods and more may be added to the gift basket. See Below for more details.

  • Cheese - Hogtown Eats Camembert: Delight in the rich cheese of Hogtown. Rindless and creamy, this delightful cheese is the perfect companion to crackers and a glass of wine.

    Popcorn - Spudniks Kool Ketchup Popcorn: Spudniks gluten free, no trans fat Kettle Chips will appeal to one and all! With their use of premium seasoning, and MSG free production, Spudniks has revolutionized the art of the kettle chip. To enhance the fresh seasoning and aroma, serve the chips warm.

    Chocolate - Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee: Rich buttercrunch toffee center with chocolate coating and almonds using only the finest quality ingredients to create this Buttercrunch Toffee.

    Chocolate - Roca Thins Milk Chocolate:

    Chocolate - LOVE Milk Chocolate Bar: This creamy milk chocolate bar is the perfect gift to show that chocolate lover how much you love them.

    Chutney - Modern Pantry Chutney: Delight in this bold new take on traditional chutney. Rich spices and flavors intermingle to create a delightful companion to any appetizer.

    Crackers - Gone Crackers Roasted Shallot & Herb:With a hint of shallot and herb, these light delicious cookies are the perfect treat to share with your family and friends. Perfect on their own, served alongside a hot cup of coffee, or crumbled atop of a bowl of ice cream.

    Plush - Plush Husky: This white and gray husky is smiling from ear to ear and is one fantastic toy to snuggle up to.

    Tea - Woodard’s Gourmet Herbal & Fruit Tea:Woodard’s collection of gourmet teas are made to the highest standard of quality. Sourced from the finest natural tea leaves, Woodard’s guarantees every cup will delight.

    Saucer - Saucer: This 3 panel serving saucer is the perfect addition to your next party and allows you to serve a variety of snacks while getting your guests settled in.

    Tray - Serving Tray: Serve your breakfast on this sleek looking bed tray featuring curved sides and two handles.


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Basket for mom

She loved it. And I liked. That I was able to add additional foods and make it more personalized

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