The Handyman Father's Day Gift Basket

  • The perfect father’s day gift for the dad who’s good with his hands, The Handyman Father’s Day Gift Basket is filled with a collection of delicious gourmet snacks, six bottles of Heineken beer, a large reliable tool bag, and well crafted tool set. The Handyman Father’s Day Gift Basket is sure to delight your father or husband this Father’s Day, and is a fantastic way of showing how much you care. Additional gourmet goods may be added to the gift basket, see below for more details.

  • Included in This Gift Basket

    Beer - Six Bottles of Heineken Lager: This popular beer from the Netherlands is among the world’s most beloved brews. Each crisp and refreshing sip is a satisfying as the last.

    Popcorn - Spudniks Maple Popcorn: Flavored popcorn is one of the most satisfying snack foods there is, and Spudniks makes it oh so convenient. Each batch is carefully prepared ensuring that every kernel is popped to perfection, and guaranteed to delight.

    Chips - Spudniks Sea Salt Potato Chips: These rich and delectable kettle chips are beautifully seasoned, ensuring each satisfyingly crunchy bite is accompanied by a burst of rich flavour

    Cookies - The Shortbread Bakery Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies: As the name implies, The Shortbread Bakery specializes in baking shortbread. These delicate and crumbly cookies are artfully crafted to perfection, and are a true delight to the tastebuds.

    Pretzels - East Shore Dipping Pretzels: Crafted with care, these beautifully seasoned pretzels are a true delight, and are an excellent snack on their own, or with just about any spread or dip.

    Crackers - Gone Crackers Olive Oil and Cracked Pepper Crackers: Delightfully seasoned, Gone Crackers unique and delicious crackers are a wonderful treat to share and enjoy.

    Cheese - Manchester Beer & Spice Cheddar Cheese: Rich, sharp, and delicious, this gourmet beer washed and spiced cheddar will delight cheese lovers the world over.

    Sauce - BOSS Orange Habanero Sauce: Bold, rich, and perfectly balanced, BOSS’ Orange Habanero Sauce is perfect for wings, rice, ribs, and more. The perfect companion for any BBQ or cookout.

    Salami - Wagener’s Hot Pepper Salami: Wagener's has been dedicated to the artisanal pursuit of fine salami for over 50 years, and have learned a thing or two along the way. The hot pepper salami features a kick of spice that will leave you asking for more. A wonderful addition to any appetizer or main course.

    Cookies - Pirouline Wafer Sticks: Each Pirouline wafer is carefully roasted to perfection, making the ideal sweet to accompany any occasion.

    Chocolate - BOSS Smooth Dark Chocolate Brick: Wine tasting and pairing has never been more delightful and palatable. BOSS rich chocolate bricks are crafted to compliment wine and indulge the senses.

    Candy - Buster’s Guinness Beer Brittle: Look, everybody loves candy, everybody loves beer, it just makes sense to blend them together. Buster’s has taken the traditional sweet, and granted it a Guinness kick.

    Cured Meat - Great Canadian Meat Co. Beef Stick: Delight in the rich smoky flavour of the Great Canadian Meat Company’s line of seasoned dried beef.

    Cured Meat - Great Canadian Meat Co. Teriyaki Pepperoni: Delight in the rich smoky flavour of the Great Canadian Meat Company’s line of seasoned pepperoni.

    Bag - Tool Bag: The Handyman Father’s Day Gift Basket is appropriately packed in a sturdy tool bag.

    Tools - Tool Set: The Handyman Father’s Day Gift Basket also includes a set of well crafted tools, perfect for maintaining the home and cottage, as well as working on any project.

Hazelton's Beer Gifts

Beer gift baskets from Hazelton’s will include items such as gourmet snacks, some classic food pairings that work well with all types of beer and much more. At Hazelton’s you will find the perfect gift basket for any beer lover in your life. Since Beer is one of the most consumed drinks on the planet, only after water and tea. With a wide selection of Beer Gift Baskets you can’t go wrong, from the tastiest craft beer to some of the most popular beers - our beer gift baskets have it all!


Your Beer Gift Baskets will be delivered by experienced delivery service providers at no extra charge, locally and across Canada.* To qualify for free delivery, a minimum purchase of $100 CAD (Before Taxes) is required per delivery location. Get same-day delivery on your gifts when you order them before 11 AM on that day.* For more information on our same-day delivery services, visit our Delivery Information page to ensure your gift baskets get to you ASAP. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Thanks for your great service

This basket makes an impressive gift. I was looking for a decent Christmas gift to send for my Dad and came across this hamper. I felt it was a great idea as it had a lot of stuff in it and I knew the tools will a surprise for him. A nice selection of goodies, well packed and the delivery was quite quick. Dad was pleased with it. Would use your services again.

good stuff

I ordered one of these for my father-in-law for Fathers Day. Great beer for a refreshing summer drink and lost of other "goodies" for him to eat and share with close friends and family. He particularly loved the tool bag and tools that came with the gift. This was very unique gift not like the regular beer and snacks. He absolutely loved it and i'm very satisfied with the buy. Good work Hazelton’s.


The recipient was overjoyed with the products and the packaging of the hamper...My gift was much appreciated. No problems encountered with purchase order process or delivery. Great Service. Thank you.

happy to recive this gift

I bought this gift for my husband and it was delivered on the day I selected. He called me to say he loved everything about it, specially the tools. Thanks for making my special valentine very happy!!!

Amazing hamper there

Gifted this to my brother on his birthday. We were impressed by the packaging and the variety of the items in the basket. I too got to taste them and found them fresh and tasty. Everybody loved the hamper and it went quickly. I think it is a great gift package for a reasonable price... As of my brother, he adored the toolset so very much. You people come up with some really cool ideas. Good job.

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