BOSS Deluxe Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars - Trio Gift Set

  • The BOSS Deluxe Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars - Trio Gift Set includes a BOSS Cutting Board, a Knife, a bottle of wine, a wine glass and three BOSS Chocolate Bars.  You can choose the Chocolate Bars and wine you wish!

    BOSS is the ultimate chocolate designed to be paired with Wine & Champagne.

  • These 8 ounce pairing chocolate bars come in five variations: 

    BOSS Extra Dark Chocolate Bar - The boldest of the BOSS blends Suggested Pairings — Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, Barolo, Malbec. Alternative Pairings -Brandy, Cognac, Armagnac

    BOSS Smooth Dark Chocolate Bar - With a soft yet structured composition,  Suggested Pairings - Champagne, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Vintage Port.

    BOSS Medium Dark Chocolate Bar - The most versatile of the BOSS blends, our Medium Dark Chocolate has a cacao content of 60% and enhances fruit forward wines. Suggested Pairings - Merlot, Shiraz, Zinfandel, Chianti, Rhone.

    BOSS Milk Chocolate Bar - With a soft and creamy composition, BOSS Milk Chocolate complements the texture of dessert wines and lighter red wines. Suggested Pairings - Port, Sherry, Rose, Burgundy, Dessert Wines. Port style wines including late-harvest Syrah, Pinot Noir and Petite Sirah are a great pairing choice.

    BOSS White Chocolate Bar - Pairs best with Pinot Noir: A shockingly good pairing, especially for chocolate and wine pairing disbelievers. The white chocolate acts as the fat that delivers sweet flavors of red cherries, strawberries, and raspberries found in the Pinot Noir.

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Customer Reviews

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black & white cakelet

Very impressed with your timeliness and efficient service. The receiver was happily surprised with the packaging as well. Thank you.

Absolutely fantastic

The cake was delivered on time and in perfect condition. The wrapping was beautiful and made a great impression. The cakelet was delicious, and its size is very generous, which makes it a perfect gift for a gourmet. I highly recommend it.


This was as good as any gourmet bakery can make. And it traveled all the way from Ontario to NS. The cake was a little out of sorts because of the travel this does not travel well, but the cake itself was delicious. Cannot say enough about bakery. Living in an area that has nothing available, no bakery at all, this solves and satisfies all my cravings for sweets. Great sweets to boot. Thanks much for supplying a remote pastry lover.

5 star

Black & White Cakelet

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