The Vintage Wine Gift Crate

  • The Vintage Wine Gift Crate is the perfect gift for any lover of wine and gourmet treats. The bold flavours of cheese and chutneys pair with the two included bottles of wine perfectly, creating a flavour profile that will not soon be forgotten. The two bottles of wine may be upgraded (with some options at zero cost) and additional goods may be added to the basket, see below for details.

  • Mezzomondo Negroamaro PugliaRed, White, Ice, Sparkling, Fortified and Port Wines - The gift that you have chosen includes an Italian red wine, Mezzomondo Negroamaro Puglia, a delicious and food-friendly wine; this wine will remind you of the amazing reds from nearby Mt. Etna in Sicily with its medium-body, juicy, mouth-watering fruit, saliva-inducing acidity and fine-grained, dusty tannins.

     Lindeman’s Cawarra Shiraz CabernetThe second wine included in the gift you have chosen is Lindeman’s Cawarra Shiraz Cabernet, a classic Australian Red Wine blend. This Cawarra Shiraz Cabernet features aromas of blackcurrants with a sweet vanillin lift, while the palate displays dark berry fruit flavours with a hint of mint and a soft approachable tannin structure in this medium bodied wine. 

    These wines can be upgraded to any of the wines from Our Wine list (some at no additional cost). The prices of these upgrades are shown in the drop-down list. You can also add additional wine or champagne, liquor or beer to create an even more special gift!

    Our Wine List - We have chosen a unique selection of more than 400 wines and champagnes produced in outstanding vintages that include cult status, classic favorites and boutique wineries from the most respected producers from around the world. We are proud to offer Kosher wines in red, white, sparkling and dessert styles. Our sparkling wine list includes blanc de blancs, rosés, and vintage French champagnes. We have made sure to include fan favorites, classic producers as well as the more difficult to source. And our champagnes are just the start – we also have a vast array of sparkling wines from many countries and regions.

    Cheese - Ilchester Cheddar Cheese with Scotch Whiskey: This rich cheddar is infused with the smoky aroma of scotch whiskey, creating a unique and exceptional cheese that will not soon be forgotten.

    Cheese - Coombe Castle Double Gloucester with Blue Stilton: Coombe Castle’s rich gourmet cheeses are crafted with care, ensuring every bite is distinctly delicious.

    Preserve - The Christmas Savoury Co. Festive Pickled Beets: Celebrate the holidays with this festive classic. Pickled beets are a staple of holiday cuisine, and are guaranteed to satisfy.

    Chutney - Mrs Bothchild Cranberry Citrus Chutney: Delight in the rich flavours of Mrs Bothchild’s gourmet chutney. The unique combination of flavours makes Mrs Bothchild’s chutney not only distinct, but also mouth wateringly delicious and guaranteed to steal the show of any appetizer or entree.

    Jelly - Chunky Pepper Jelly by John Tusani:  A jelly filled with the rich flavour of pepper. The perfect companion spread for any cheese or wine.

    Brittle - Buster’s Guinness Beer Brittle: Look, everybody loves candy, everybody loves beer, it just makes sense to blend them together. Buster’s has taken the traditional sweet, and granted it a Guinness-kick..

    Chocolate Bark - Saxon Peppermint Chocolate Bark: Sweet, rich, and refreshing. Saxon’s Peppermint Chocolate Bark is the perfect sweet for the Christmas season.

    Yogurt Pretzels - HAZELTON’S Yogurt Covered Pretzels: The perfect treat for the holiday season, these yogurt coated pretzels are a wonderful combination of sweet and savoury.

    Chocolate - Verdi Almond Milk Chocolate: Carefully crafted by expert chocolatiers, Verdi’s almond milk chocolate’s are a pure delight to the senses, and a sweet of the highest quality.

    Chocolate - Verdi Milk Chocolate: Carefully crafted by expert chocolatiers, Verdi’s milk chocolate’s are a pure delight to the senses, and a sweet of the highest quality.

    Chocolate - Verdi Caramel Milk Chocolate: Carefully crafted by expert chocolatiers, Verdi’s caramel milk chocolate’s are a pure delight to the senses, and a sweet of the highest quality.

    Crackers - CaPeachio Assorted Crackers: A classic staple of any appetizer. CaPeachio's assorted crackers will complete any starting course, and are perfect for any occasion. Better yet, they are Kosher, vegan friendly, and GMO free.

    Container - Handcrafted Wine Crate: This gift set arrives presented upon a beautiful handcrafted wine crate. This rustic crate is perfect for storing wine, fruit, breads, or household knick-knacks.

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Xmas gift

our son and his wife were delighted by the quality of the gift.

Vintage Wine Crate

very excited about the contents, everything was as described, would definitely recommend this service, will be using it again

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