The Future is Sweet Gift Basket!

  • Jelly Beans, Salt Water Toffee, Swirls, Whirls, Fudge, Chocolate and Spring Pops make this basket the perfect choice for anyone who needs a little positive energy.  The container can be pink, green or blue.  Also, the Get Well Soon Bear can be substituted for another one if this is more suitable. Just mention these substitutions in the order notes and we would be pleased to make them

  • Jelly Beans - Premium Quality Bubble Gum flavoured Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly.
  • Candy - Large Sweet Swirls - Rainbow
    Candy - Large Sweet Swirls - Blueberry
    Candy - Medium Sweet Swirls - Cherry
    Candy - Medium Sweet Swirls - Bubble Gum
    Candy - Jelly Belly Jelly Beans - Ice Cream Parlour Mix
    Candy - Dream Candy - Spring Pops
    Candy - Bubble Gum Salt Water Taffy
    Candy - Cherry Salt Water Taffy
    Fudge - M&Ms home made fudge
    Chocolate Bar - Caramel Chocolate bar.
    Plush - Get Well Soon Doggie.
    Container - Ceramic Bowl which can be used for a bottled plant or for a child's pens and pencils. Available in pink, blue or green.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lovely sweet gift

The basket and the stuffed animal picked were great, my niece loved the gift and she was very happy :) thank you
The flowers were not what I picked which was disappointing, maybe because of the season.. I noticed it is common in Canada that the flowers delivered are most of the time not matching with the order placed.


The candy basket that you put together for my niece was amazing. She had broken her arm and when the basket arrived she kept asking her Mom "all this for a broken arm" Great job Hazelton and thanks for confirming I am the best Aunt ever

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