The Fifth Avenue Wine & Cheese Platter

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  • This very special Wine & Cheese platter is perfect for entertaining throughout the year. This platter is loaded with cheese and crackers and includes cheese knives, a cutting board and so much more. Your gift recipient will love it! Love it! Love it!

    Can be customized by upgrading the house wine and by adding any of the Wines from Hazelton's Wine Collection or by adding a personalized card or note. 


    Red, White or Ice Wine - We are pleased to offer over 120 wines from Italy, France, Chile, Canada, Argentina, Greece, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.  Our wine list consists of unique, high quality labels from around the world. The selections are divided evenly between New World and Old World, providing a wide range of varietals, terroir, climate and winemaking techniques. This selection changes regularly. Choose any wine and the price of the basket will be adjusted accordingly.  If you would like additional information about the wines that you can choose from, check out our Wine Gifts! MEZZOMONDO NEGROAMARO SALENTO — Our House Wine — is an Italian Red Wine and is included in the price of this gift basket.

    Cheese - Aged Grand Cheddar - This 1 year old is the perfect introduction to our line of superb aged cheddars – combining subtle hazelnut flavour and rich texture. Try it with a fruit and nut salad.
    Cheese - Aged Grand Cheddar - A fine 3 year old cheddar with a pronounced hazelnut flavour and firmer texture offering a taste experience to satisfy the refined palette.Serve with your favorite bread and foie gras.
    Cheese - Aged Grand Cheddar - A 5 year old true connoisseur's cheddar, its maturity reflected in its pungency, roasted hazelnut flavour and distinctive crumbly texture. Offer it on a cheese plate with dried and fresh fruits accompanied by a glass of Port or a full-bodied red wine.
    Appetizer Cookie - TARALLI TOMATO AND OREGANO - TENTAZIONI PUGLIESI - Made in Puglia Italy = The Tentazioni Pugliese company produces excellent taralli, a traditional specialty from the region of Puglia in Italy.  The taralli is a crunchy appetizer cookie made from flour and extra virgin olive oil.  They contain no preservatives or trans fats. 
    Preserve - Mango Chardonnay Preserve by Tishbi - Wonderful with Mild Cheddar, Provolone, Sainte Maure, Edam, Ricotta and Boursin
    Salami- This salami, dry cured and treated with special spices, this mini-salami delights with every bite.Perfect with your favourite sandwich or as an appetizer with antipasti:
    Crackers - Monet Crackers - A simple cracker that doesn’t take away from the taste of cheese or sausage, Shown in a caffe cup; in a box when delivered to your gift recipient.
    Cheese Knife - Attractive knife for cutting hard and soft cheeses.
    Cutting Board - Rectangular cutting board - This compact size makes this cutting board very versatile. You can even take it on a picnic!
    Cheese Knife Set - 4 Cheese knives in a wooden block. Attractive and practical for any cheese lover.
    Cup - Large Caffe mug for holding cheese or having a latte
    Crackers - Fine Cheese Co Rosemary crackers imported from England. Fragrant and delicate, for soft cheeses.
    Crackers - Small bowl of crackers in a ramekin
    Container - Large wicker basket - most commonly used as a platter. Very sturdy as it has to carry a lot of wait.
    Cheese - OKA Cheese - Rich in history and flavour, OKA does not need to be introduced. Having undergone a 35-day aging process in the original cellars of the Cistercian Abbey located in OKA, this cheese is a pure delight that likes to play hard to get. In addition to its legendary and distinct aroma, it offers irresistible and subtle flavours of hazelnut and butter.
    Cheese - Jarlsberg Cheese - Jarlsberg is a classic high-quality interior-ripened cheese that contains many large holes. It is characterized by a supple texture and an inviting hazelnut flavour. It is versatile, melting easily and blending well with most meals.
    Cheese - Manchego Mancha Real Cheese from Spain - Manchego cheese is made in the natural plains of La Mancha, using milk from a local breed of sheep, which is matured for a minimum of sixty days. Made with same traditions since centuries, Manchego bears a Protected Designation of Origin.
    Cheese - German Brie with Mushrooms - A unique and exclusive brie filled with mushroom pieces and overflowing with flavour.
    Cheese - Stilton is made exclusively in the counties of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire from the milk of these regions. It is also certified AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée). Its crumbly semi-firm texture is characterized by its cream colour, unique taste and the delicate “blue” veins that originate in its center.
    Cheese - Mild Gouda - Cooked, pressed cheese with a creamy yellow interior, a slightly tart flavour, and a few small round eyes. Lactose free.
    Cheese - Havarti Jalapeno - Soft, rindless cheese with a buttery flavour, a smooth and shiny surface, and several eyes (holes). Its mild, nutty taste becomes sharper as it ages and is sure to please kids as well as the finest palates.
    Cheese - Double Cream Brie -Stabilized soft cheese with a stable and consistent texture when young that becomes creamier at maturity without running. Features a milky, nutty flavour slightly richer than that of single cream Brie.

    This Gift Basket is Gift Wrapped in cellophane with a beautiful, handmade bow added. It can be delivered anywhere in Canada or the United States! We will even add a ComplimentaryPersonalized Greeting Card to your gift!

  • This Gift Basket qualifies for Free Shipping to anywhere in Canada if the total value of the order is over $100. To qualify for Free Delivery in Canada a minimum purchase of $100 (before Taxes) is required per delivery location. see details 


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