Picasso Champagne Gift Basket

  • As fine as a piece of art, the Picasso Champagne Gift Basket is an exemplary and generous gift to share this holiday season. Filled with rich decadent cookies, glorious gourmet relish, delicious chocolate truffles, a bottle of fine sparkling wine, and more, the Picasso Champagne Gift Basket is guaranteed to delight! The included bottle of sparkling wine may be upgraded from HAZELTON’S extensive wine and champagne collection, additional goods may also be added to the basket. See below for more details.

  • This is what is included in this Gift Basket:

    Bottega Vino Dei Poeti Prosecco French Champagnes/Sparkling Wine - The gift that you have chosen includes an Italian sparkling wine - Bottega Il Vino dei Poeti Prosecco DOC. Bottega is a fresh and aromatic Prosecco sparkling wine. The ideal choice for aperitif, dinners and parties and a prestigious gift for special occasions.

    This wine can be upgraded to any of the wines from Our Champagne list (some at no additional cost). The prices of these upgrades are shown in the drop-down list. You can also add a second or third wine or champagne, liquor or beer to create an even more special gift!

    Our Champagne/Wine List - We have chosen a unique selection of more than 400 wines and champagnes produced in outstanding vintages that include cult status, classic favorites and boutique wineries from the most respected producers from around the world. We are proud to offer Kosher wines in red, white, sparkling and dessert styles. Our sparkling wine list includes blanc de blancs, rosés, and vintage French champagnes. We have made sure to include fan favorites, classic producers as well as the more difficult to source. And our champagnes are just the start – we also have a vast array of sparkling wines from many countries and regions.

    Fudge - HAZELTON’S Assorted Fudge: HAZELTON’S gourmet assorted fudge is filled with a variety of rich, bold, and decadent flavours.

    Chocolate Cherries - Monarch Milk Chocolate Enrobed Cherries: These delectable cherries are bathed in the finest dark chocolate, and smothered in a sweet candy coating.  Monarch’s chocolate enrobed cherries are the very definition of temptation, and are the perfect treat to soothe any sweet tooth’s craving.

    Relish - Mrs Bothchild Vidalia Onion Relish: A fine addition to any meal, this onion relish is a superb delight that compliments other garnishes while adding a distinct flavour of its own.

    Chocolate Bark  - The Christmas Sweets Company Peppermint Bark: Fresh peppermint and rich chocolate intertwine together to create a truly delightful holiday treat.

    Pretzel - North Pole Co. Chocolate Covered Yule Logs: Rich chocolate covered pretzels that form the perfect combination of sweet and savoury, making them the ideal treat for the holiday season.

    Chocolate Truffles - Monarch Handmade Gourmet Chocolate Truffles: The king of confections and chocolates once again proves their mettle with these delightfully light yet decadent chocolate truffles.  Evolving flavours roll across the palate, indulging the senses with each and every morsel.

    Chocolate - BOSS Chocolate Brick: Wine tasting and pairing has never been more delightful and palatable. BOSS rich chocolate bricks are crafted to compliment wine and indulge the senses.

    Chocolate Truffles - Saxon’s Dark Chocolate Champagne Truffles: Rich in flavour, these delightful truffles are a truly delicious treat worth indulging in.

    Cookies - Salem Baking Co. Chocolate Moravian Cookies: These light and crisp cookies are packed full of flavor. Notes of chocolate and vanilla roll over the palate with every delightful bite. The perfect companion for coffee, tea, or ice cream

    Ornament - Snowman Holiday Ornament: This basket arrives complete with a snowman holiday ornament, perfect for celebrating the holiday season.

    Container - Sturdy Basket: This basket is presented upon a beautiful and sturdy basket, perfect for storing household knick-knacks and pantry items.


Customer Reviews

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Замечательное обслуживание

Все заказанное было доставлено точно в срок, в целости и сохранности.
Эта фирма стоит доверия.

Very Happy!

The recipients were very happy with this gift basket!

Raise your glass

Presented in style, this gift was/will be accepted with smiles and warm wishes

Great Service and Product

The ease of ordering, the quality of the basket and contents and arriving as scheduled helped me immensely for the busy holidays. Good work people!

Excellent gift hamper

Excellent gift hamper

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