"The Perfect Toast" Gift Basket

  • There’s no better way to say cheers! “The Perfect Toast” Gift Basket is filled with delicious gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries, a bottle of sparkling wine, an adorable plush bear, two champagne glasses, and more, ensuring it will impress and delight. This caring, loving, and romantic gift is a wonderful expression to share for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays and more. The included bottle of sparkling wine may be upgraded from HAZELTON’S extensive wine/champagne list (with several options available at zero cost), and additional gourmet items may be added to the gift basket. See below for more details.

  • Bottega Il Vino dei Poeti Prosecco DOCFrench Champagnes/Sparkling Wine - The gift that you have chosen includes an Italian sparkling wine - Bottega Il Vino dei Poeti Prosecco DOC. Bottega is a fresh and aromatic Prosecco sparkling wine. The ideal choice for aperitif, dinners and parties and a prestigious gift for special occasions.

    This wine can be upgraded to any of the wines from Our Champagne list (some at no additional cost). The prices of these upgrades are shown in the drop-down list. You can also add a second or third wine or champagne, liquor or beer to create an even more special gift!

    Our Champagne/Wine List - We have chosen a unique selection of more than 400 wines and champagnes produced in outstanding vintages that include cult status, classic favorites and boutique wineries from the most respected producers from around the world. We are proud to offer Kosher wines in red, white, sparkling and dessert styles. Our sparkling wine list includes blanc de blancs, rosés, and vintage French champagnes. We have made sure to include fan favorites, classic producers as well as the more difficult to source. And our champagnes are just the start – we also have a vast array of sparkling wines from many countries and regions.

    Plush - Adorable Plush Bear with Heart: This soft and cuddly little bear is a wonderful gift to share, no matter the occasion. Say “I Love You” with this adorable little friend.

    Glasses - Two Champagne Glasses: This gift set includes two beautiful champagne glasses. These delightful glasses are perfect for making a toast and enjoying a bottle of crisp bubbly.

    Chocolate Strawberries - Heart Tin with Chocolate Covered Strawberries: This beautiful tin heart is filled with delightful chocolate covered strawberries. These farm fresh strawberries are encased in rich gourmet chocolate, creating a truly unparalleled sweet, that is guaranteed to bring joy.

    Container - Red Ice Bucket: This gift set in presented within a beautiful ice bucket, perfect for serving a cold delicious bottle of sparkling wine/champagne.

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Customer Reviews

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The perfect toast lacks toast.

Now name me simple. but when a man hears toast, he thinks bread and some cookin'. Now you feel me here, don't cha', cause their ain't any toast on this basket. Nuh uh, there ain't. All good though, its good a nice bucket, and buckets can do anything. Flipped that bucket upside down, then built me a fire underneath, then before you knew it i had me a stove. What did i do? i cooked me some bread. And boy oh boy was it perfect, and that my friends is how this basket provided me the perfect toast.

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