Guinness Beer Carrier Gift Set

  • Guinness lovers know that no other beer is quite like Guinness, and no other beer is quite the same when it comes to sitting around the table with your mates. This Guinness Beer Carrier Gift Set is perfect for Father’s Day or for anyone who loves Guinness. Packed with an awesome assortment of things that will get Dad in the zone for game night with his buddies, and comes with a slick beer crate that is everyone is sure to envy.

  • Including in this Beer Gift Basket:

    Beer - 6 Guinness Extra Stout is based on a beer first brewed in 1821. It has a crisp and sharp flavour that is very different from classic Guinness Draught but is equally delicious. A smooth drinking beer with some bite, and dry finish. It is a 5% Alcohol.

    Ceramic Stein - This beautiful stein brings the ambiance of the pub right into your home!

    Playing Cards - Backed by the famous Guinness logo, these Playing Cards will get your gift recipient ready for Game Night with the mates.

    Coasters - Put your favorite Guinness beer on one of our Guinness Cork- Backed Coasters. These coasters are perfect for any home!

    Wooden Barrel Puzzle - The Guinness Puzzle is made from 12 hardwood puzzle pieces and is shaped like a barrel of Guinness.

    Collector's Tin - Save up for your next pack of Guinness with this coin-collection tin! This Guinness Beer Bank is a replica of the classic Guinness can.

    Beef Jerky - Great Canadian Meat Teriyaki Beef Jerky. This spicy, chewy and tasty meat snack will satisfy the need for spice and salt. Great with Guinness.

    Pretzels - East Shore Waffle Pretzels is a great accompaniment to any beer.

    Pretzels - Dipping Pretzels is a great accompaniment to any beer.

    Nuts - Hogtown Eats Sriracha Chick Peas 

    Chocolate - A bunch of milk chocolate coins

    Container - Our Guinness wooden carrying crate is handmade, and features a bottle opener built right into the side!

    This Gift Basket is Gift Wrapped in cellophane with a beautiful, handmade bow added. It can be delivered anywhere in Canada or the United States! We will even add a ComplimentaryPersonalized Greeting Card to your gift!

Hazelton's Beer Gifts

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