Chateau Renault Gift Basket

  • The Chateau Renault Wine, Chocolate and Coffee Gift Basket  is an elegant and exquisite gift basket with a variety of quality chocolate, coffee, gourmet and wine items including a Kicking Horse Coffee and a wine of your choice. 

  • Included in this Gift Basket:

    WINE: We are pleased to offer over 30 wines from Italy, France, Chile, Argentina, United States, Canada, Greece, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.  Our wine list consists of unique, high quality labels from around the world. The selections are divided evenly between New World and Old World, providing a wide range of varietals, terroir, climate and winemaking techniques. This selection changes regularly.

    One bottle of wine - MEZZOMONDO NEGROAMARO SALENTO - is included in this gift basket. If you wish, you can upgrade this wine by selecting one from the drop-down list.

    Coffee - Kicking Horse - Medium - Bold, Sweet, Courageous. A true pound - 16oz. Certified Organic, Fair Trade not Aid, Roasted in Canada, Whole Bean Coffee. Flavour may vary

    Chocolate Bar by TCHO - Purenotes “Bright” Dark Chocolate with light, “Bright” notes. From Madagascar  

    Chocolate - Dark Chocolate Truffles with a Blueberry Flavoured Ganache from Master Chocolatier Turin  

    Chocolate - Dark Chocolate covered Cocoa Nibs made from 100% fine flavour Trinitarui beans by Made Chocolates

    Chocolate - Dark Chocolate coverered Expresso Beans made from 100% Colombian Coffee and Cocoa Beans by Made Chocolates

    Expresso Cups - Two “Coffee” Espresso cups

    Cookies - Elsa's Story Cappuccino Flavoured Peacan Butters Cookies - Every one of Elsa’s Story cookies are carefully baked using the best all natural ingredients to deliver a product as close to homemade as if they were right out of your very own oven.125g

    Cookies - Walkers Shortbread - Fingers 150g/5.3 oz Award winning shortbread made with pure butter.

    Truffles - Belgian Chocolate Classique Truffles Firecracker Gold 17g/0.6oz

    Truffles - Chocolat Classique - Sweet Dusted Truffles - Silver Box 30g/1.2oz - Made in Belgium

    Strudels - Elsa's Story Raspberry Mini Strudels - Bite-sized fluffy pastry filled with all natural ingredients of juicy raspberries. Wholesome goodness and best served warm. Toast them for a delicious snack.125g

    Biscotti - Large Gable Box of Dibella Double Chocolate Fudge Biscotti 187g/6.6oz

    Popcorn - Old Fashioned Caramel Popcorn - Black 140g/4.9oz

    Container - This premium black leatherette bag is beautiful! It can be used to hold magazines, newspapers or towels when the goodies are eaten..

    This Gift Basket is Gift Wrapped in cellophane with a beautiful, handmade bow added. It can be delivered anywhere in Canada or the United States! We will even add a ComplimentaryPersonalized Greeting Card to your gift!

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My niece said it was beautiful and very special !

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