Chef Gift Basket

  • This Gift Basket is for the Chef of the House.  It includes glorious pastas, chocolate, candies, cheese and crackers.  A great selection that she will definitely enjoy!

  • What is included in this Gift Basket?

    Jam - Sour Cherry Jam - The full, fresh flavour of whole fruit is the key to the purity of these recipes. Filled in authentic Bernardin Mason jars featuring a wide opening, these delightful jams, jellies, sauces, marmalades and confits are irresistible. 

    Jams - Petite Maison Strawberry Rhubarb Confitures - Ripe strawberry fruits, tart rhubarb and organic cane sugar, packaged in stellar European vacuum sealed preserve jars. Pure, rich flavours with the right sugar balance. Simple and true; jams the way they were meant to be.

    Chocolate Sauce - Chocolate with Fleur Del Sel Caramel Sauce - A rich and silky dessert sauce, blended with a hint of fleur de sel to bring out the delicate nuances of the complex flavours of cocoa and caramel. Use on ice creams, your favourite desserts or any where a touch of decadence is needed.

    Tapenade - Kalamata Olive & Fig Tapenade - Petite maison tapenades are true to their French origins using clean simple ingredients resulting in uncomplicated flavour that focuses solely on the glory of the mighty olive. tapenades have traditionally been used as a savory condiment for breads, cheeses, meat, poultry, and fish dishes.

    Candies - Mrs. Bridges Fruit Marbles - A kaleidoscope of colours and flavours in one jar. This is an all natural product.

    Tea - Tea Forte - Serenade Small Tin - 2 pyramid infusers with one infuser each of the following blends: White Ginger Pear and Jasmine Green

    Chocolates - Marich Natural Chcocolate Strawberries - Dried strawberries in rich dark chocolate and silky strawberry white chocolate

    Chocolates - Marich Chocolate Blueberries - Moist blueberries dipped in milk chocolate and a fruity blueberry coating - 8 oz

    Truffles - Cherrington Sweet Dusted Truffles - Silver Box 30g/1.2oz

    Cheese - Comfort Collection Merlot Flavored Cheddar Cheese Spread Black 3.75 oz/106g 

    Cheese - Sonoma Jacks Garlic & Herb Cheese 12/4.02oz

    Candy - All Natural Zoo Animals - Tender fruity candies made with natural colors, flavors, and fruit juices.  In a beautiful jar that can be used for confections when the candies are all eaten!

    Crackers - Elsa's Story Rosemary and Olive Oil Crisps are ideal for snacking and dipping, baked not fried, and preservative free. The Rosemary crips are refreshing and reveal a savoury scent with a dusting of sea-salt.125g

    Crackers - Olive Oil Crackers & Sea Salt from Fine Cheese Co. - An innovative range of crackers inspired with different flavours that pair well with specific cheeses. Olive Oil & Sea Salt crackers pair well with Pecorino’s & Parmaggiano’s. These crackers are also a great staple selection as they are a stronger cracker, due to the olive oil, making them a good partner for hard, semi-firm, and soft cheeses.150g

    Cookies - Elsa's Story Raspberry Butter Cookies - Every one of Elsa’s Story cookies are carefully baked using the best all natural ingredients to deliver a product as close to homemade as if they were right out of your very own oven.125g

    Strudels - Elsa's Story Raspberry Mini Strudels - Bite-sized fluffy pastry filled with all natural ingredients of juicy raspberries. Wholesome goodness and best served warm. Toast them for a delicious snack.125g

    Pasta - Pasta Partners Rainbow Angel Hair 340g/12 oz

    Pasta - Pasta Partners Roasted Garlic & Parsley 340g/12 oz

    Pasta - Pasta Partners Sun Dried Tomato Basil 340g/12 oz

    Pasta - Piacelli Pasta Spaghetti ai Funghi 305g

    Pasta - Piacelli Pasta Spaghetti Quattro Formaggi 315g

    Pasta - Pirro Pasta Tagliatelle Egg 250g

    Container - Rustic Mahogany Stained Crate.  Strong enough to store books, towels, or spa items. 

    This Gift Basket is Gift Wrapped in cellophane with a beautiful, handmade bow added. It can be delivered anywhere in Canada or the United States! We will even add a ComplimentaryPersonalized Greeting Card to your gift!

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