The Cheesemonger's Bounty

  • Gift a mountain of rich delectable cheese with The Cheesemonger’s Bounty. Complete with a set of cheese knives, and twelve assorted gourmet cheeses, The Cheesemonger’s Bounty is guaranteed to impress, and is the perfect gift to share with the lover of cheese in your life no matter the occasion. A bottle of wine, additional gourmet goods, decor, and more may be added to the gift basket, see below for more details.

  • Cheese – Blyth Farm Cheese Golden Blyth: Traditionally crafted, this pure and delicious goat cheese is guaranteed to satisfy and delight. With notes of tartness, this goat cheese is perfectly paired with crackers and a sweet spread.

    Cheese – Castello Fontina Danish Cheese: Slight sweet and semi-soft, this semi-yellow cheese is a Danish take on an Italian classic. Castello has been in business for well over a hundred years, and have learned a thing or two along the way, ensuring each and every wedge of cheese is as perfectly smooth as the last.

    Cheese – Albert’s Leap Buffalo Asiago: This gourmet Ontario cheese is the perfect staple from which to build around a platter of rich cheeses. With a delicate and sharp flavour, asiago is a true classic, and the perfect cheese to be shared. Wonderful when served alongside crackers and wine, in a sandwich, or topping a salad.

    Cheese – Coombe Castle Sticky Toffee Cheese: This bold and unique cheese is beloved by all. A wonderful addition to any platter of cheeses, Coombe Castle’s Sticky Toffee Cheese is best served alongside a glass of wine, crackers, and a sweet jelly spread.

    Cheese – Ilchester Scotch Whisky Cheddar Cheese: Infused with the rich smoky flavour of scotch whisky, this bold tasting cheese pairs wonderfully with strong whiskies, as well as sweet wines

    Cheese – Bellavitano Balsamic Cheese: Infused with the bold flavors of balsamic vinegar, this gourmet cheese is a delightfully unique experience, that deserves to be enjoyed by all. Served perfectly alongside seasoned crackers, pâtés, and dry reds.

    Cheese – Thomas Hoe Aged Leicestershire Red: Aged to perfection over six months, this gourmet cheese has a flakey texture, and has a subtle sweet flavour with notes of caramel.

    Cheese – Cedar Valley Fudge Cheese: This unique gourmet cheese is a delightful treat. The perfect addition to any collection of cheeses spreads and crackers. Cedar Valley’s Fudge Cheese pairs perfectly with sweet red wines.

    Cheese - Cedar Valley Extra Old Cheddar Cheese: Delightfully sharp, and wonderfully delicious, this extra old cheddar cheese has been carefully crafted throughout the entire process, making each wedge as divine and pure as the last.

    Cheese – Wobblyhill Wine Soaked Cheese: Soaked in wine from Palatine Hill Estate, this Canadian cheese is a unique and delicious experience, making it the perfect addition to any collection of gourmet cheeses.

    Cheese – Celebrity Goat Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese: Beautifully seasoned, this gourmet goat cheese is soft, and the perfect companion for strong red wines and crackers.

    Cheese – Le Guillaume Tell Cheese: This elegant gourmet cheese is aged in ice cider, granting it a wonderfully distinct taste that is certain to satisfy.

    Utensils – Cheese Knives: This gift set includes a set of three beautiful cheese knives. The perfect set of serving utensils for this beautiful assortment of fine gourmet cheeses.

    Container - Linen-Lined Basket: This gift arrives presented in a beautiful linen-lined basket, perfect for storing household knick-knacks and pantry items.

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