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Food & Drink of the Month Club - General Information


Hazelton's Food & Drink of the Month Clubs

Our Wine, Beer, Cheese, Chocolate and Crackers of the Month Clubs provide you or your gift recipient a gift experience that keeps on giving.  Each month or quarter (you choose), we send Food &/Or Drink that you have selected.  You can choose a three, six, nine or yearly membership or leave the membership open ended so you can cancel it at any time you wish.  It is the ultimate gift for someone who like surprises and appreciates rare and uncommon products.

We have six Food & Drink Club Memberships categories:

- Cheese of the Month Club Memberships (Gold and Platinum Memberships from $44.99 per month)

- Wines of the Month Club Memberships (10 different Wine Memberships from $39.99 per month)

- Beer of the Month Club Memberships (4 different Beer Memberships from $34.99 per month) 

- Chocolate of the Month Club Memberships (4 different Chocolate Memberships from $39.99 per month)

- Crackers of the Month Club Memberships (3 different Cracker Memberships from $19.99 per month) 

- Custom Food & Drink Club of the Month Membership (23 different Memberships that can be combined and modified by Month from $19.99 per month)

There is a club for everyone. Whether you enjoy the membership yourself or give it as a gift, we know that you will enjoy the rewards of Hazelton`s Food & Drink of the Month Clubs.

How the Food & Drink of the Month Clubs Work

Every month or quarter, we select Gourmet Food &/or Drink items on the schedule and frequency that you have chosen selected. 

You or your gift recipient will enjoy:

- Selected two white or red wines (you can select this) from Canada and throughout the world
- Our Monthly Pairing Guide with chocolate, cheese and cracker suggestions.
- A Personalized Gift Card with a message if this will be gift.
- Gift wrap and a bow if this membership is a gift.

You’ll discover wine you wouldn't easily find on your own.  We have done all of the hard work for you and hope that you or your gift recipient will truly enjoy our selections.


Gift Memberships

Your gift recipients will be extremely impressed and delighted as they sample wonderful wines from around the world. They will discover an enormous range of tastes, aromas and textures. Each time they savor a featured selection, they will be reminded of your thoughtfulness. Wines of the Month Club Memberships, which can be selected below, start at $39.99 and can range from 3 to 12 months. You can pay in one installment or as shipments are sent.  













Personal Memberships

We invite you to join with a personal membership from $39.99 CDN per month [plus S&H]. Memberships can be either fixed-term or open-ended, allowing you to pay as you go and cancel at any time. Membership fees are charged to your credit card just prior to each shipment or in one installment.

Combined Memberships

Get Creative: Combine your Wines of the Month Club membership with the Hazelton`s Design Your Own Club Membership. Consider combining a Wine Club Membership with any of our five other gourmet clubs: Gourmet Cheeses, Micro-brewed Beers, Gourmet Chocolates or Gourmet Crackers. 


The Hazelton`s Chocolate Selection Process

Each month our wine selection crew gets together and searches for unique wines for each of the Wine Clubs. We look for wines that have a limited release, are from grapes that are known to have had a great growing season or are interesting because of their popularity or distinct taste.  It it s time consuming practice that is rewarding because of the response we get from our customers. We know we are making great decisions and pleasing the vast majority of our Club Members.

State of the Art Packaging 


Every order is packed in bubble wrap or Styrofoam if it is to be shipped a long distance..The goal is for the wine to arrive in perfect condition. If the Wine is a gift we will wrap it in cellophane or a wine bag/box and add a tasteful bow.  

Shipping Chocolate to You
Depending on the contents of your order and the destination of your shipment, you'll be offered hand delivery, next day delivery, rush delivery or  ground shipping at checkout. You can always call us (416-837-8811) with special shipping questions or concerns.

How To Order

Simply order your Personal Membership or Gift Membership online or call us at 416-837-8811.

Which Wine Membership Would You Like to Choose?