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Cheese is one of the most popular selections among other gourmet foods as most people enjoy cheese is it can make any dish potentially delicious. There are also many ways on how people incorporated cheese in our lives as they put cheese with snacks, desserts, meals, and even as a gift.

Seeing how people have loved our selection of cheeses in our baskets, Hazelton's brings you a series of cheeses to choose from wine soaked, beer soaked, smoked, brie, cheddar and so much more.Feel free to browse our selection cheese we will guide you on which wines it is best paired with!

Featured Cheeses

Bellavitano Balsamic 

Semi- Soft Le Guillaume Tell

Celebrity Goat Cranberry Cinnamon


Cheese for Beer 

Cheese for Wine 

Brie Cheese 

Cheddar Cheese 

Cheese for Whiskey 

Goat Cheese 

Specialty Cheese 

Asiago Cheese