Bailey's, Liqueurs & Vermouth

  • Looking for a Gift that is a bit different?  Try Bailey's or a Liqueur or even Vermouth!



Our Liquor & Liquor Gifts

Whether its a birthday or a housewarming, Hazelton's has the perfect selection of Liquor & Liquor Gifts that are unique and rare. A definite crowd pleaser, our Liquor Gifts are sustainably sourced and are of the highest quality. Whether it's gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, or tequila, our liquor list boasts some of the best brand names in the business. With premium gift options so readily available, there's no excuse to show up empty handed at your next soiree. 

Our Favourite Liquor Gifts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Always fast & efficient, with a gift they will love!

A great gift to send relatives in Canada (I live in the US). I get to select the items, which personalizes my gift. They love getting a package.

Mrs. Agnes Rutherford III
Was a great set

This makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, even someone’s birthday. It’s simply the perfect gift for any occasion! You could even treat yourself, or your friends, to a small picnic with all these incredible snacks. Whiskey was super fine.

Peter Bartoletti
A good gift option

You just can't not like it. A great gift option. Will make your present stand apart from and ahead of that of others.

melissa Sparrow
5 star

Bailey's, Liqueurs & Cognacs

Troy Steuber
An unique gift

This is an interesting and unusual product. The basket looks attractive and the products make you want to start planning for a barbeque picnic already. It comes with most of the essential and basic things you need for a BBQ. Gifted it to my dad and was delighted to see his reaction. He absolutely loved it.