Sweet n Salty Cinco De Mayo Basket

  • Come together for a grand celebration with Hazeltons Sweet n Salty Cinco De Mayo Basket full of gourmet goodies. Get started with crunchy and irresistible BroCrates Onion Garlic Chipnuts and delicious assorted cookies for the perfect pre-meal snack. Keep the party going with Braswell's Blazin' Habanero Salsa and some corn tortilla chips up for grabs. Also included in the basket are decadent mint chocolates and Neuhaus’ amazing dark chocolate praline bars for that perfect end to the day. The gift comes with a wooden wine box and a bottle of liquor that can be upgraded to any spirit from an extensive collection that is available for customization.

  • Los Cantores Tortilla Chips Original : Big corn flavour with hints of toastiness. Good balance of salt to draw out the natural corn flavour.Firm and crispy texture that does not wilt when dipped.  So flavourful, that it can be eaten by itself.  Pairs perfectly with any dip, guacamole, salsa as well as a cold beer or soda.  Can be used in many authentic Mexican dishes such as Tortilla soup and salads.

    Cookie It Up Shorts Milk Chocolate Chip : These irresistible cookies combine melt-in-your-mouth shortbread with heaps of scrumptious milk chocolate chips.

    Divine Confections Milk Chocolate Mint : A classic combination of two all-time favorites - frosty mint and creamy milk chocolate. These bite-sized, Crème de Menthe sweets deliver a smooth blend of mint and chocolate flavors in each rectangular, three-layered piece. A coat of light green mint is sandwiched between two thin, dark cocoa slabs to make for a perfectly refreshing and delicious combination, sure to enhance any gathering, event, or solo snack time!

    Neuhaus Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praliné Bar : Discover the new Neuhaus chocolate bars: filled with delight, crafted with care by our Maîtres Chocolatiers with UTZ certified sustainable chocolate and premium non-GMO ingredients. The new bars are larger for even more snacking pleasure anytime, anywhere. A symphony of taste and texture await in this on-the-go treat for yourself, to share with friends and family, or give as party favors.
    This bar features 52% dark chocolate filled with a hazelnut praliné.
    Each bar weighs 55g

    Braswell's Blazin' Habanero Salsa : If you like hot salsa, you will love our Blazin’ Habanero Salsa!The heat from habanero peppers and jalapeno peppers mix with tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, garlic, cumin, spices, and lime juice for a Blazin' Salsa. This is not for the faint at heart. Add a touch of this to your next Bloody Mary or Caeser and make it sizzle!

    Duo Wine Box : Wooden wine box with two slots for wine and a lid. Simple rope for carrying built in. This boxes is is finished with a burned look, as well as metal corners for added effect.  Metric - 28 x 18 x 7.2cm
    Imperial - 11 x 7 x 2.8in 

    Lemon : The lemon belongs to the family of citrus fruit. The pulp is pale yellow, juicy and with an acid flavour; it is divided in gores.

    Cookies Shoppes Assorted 12 Pack : We bake the "old fashioned" way...from scratch! This mouthwatering assortment of freshly baked cookies are sure to please. Pkg of 12

    Brocrates Onion Garlic Chipnuts : Our Onion and Garlic Chipnuts are delicious! Peanuts covered in an Onion and Garlic flavoured coating. This is one unique, crunchy, irresistible snack you will be reaching for every day!

    Bottle of Spirits : This gift basket includes a bottle of Spirits. This Bottle may be upgraded to any other bottle of Spirits of the from our extensive collection, including several upgrade options at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great wine gift even better. Your gift recipient will love these Spirits!



What Is Included in this Liquor Gift Basket?

This liquor gift basket includes a bottle of Swedish vodka which can be upgraded if you wish – Absolut Vodka. This bottle of liquor may be upgraded to any of the liquors from our extensive collection of alcohols from around the world, including several upgrade options at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great liquor gift even better. Your gift recipient will love this liquor!

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