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Coffee Gift - Choosing a Coffee & Espresso....

At Hazeltons, we are always striving to find the best coffees beans for espressos, cappuccinos and regular coffees - while being responsible retailers at the same time.  We are focused on choosing the best coffee beans for each Coffee Gift or Coffee Gift Basket.

So ....What Kinds of Coffee Beans Do We Recommend for Espresso?

Almost any quality coffee bean can be used to make Espresso. Espresso is simply a term which includes the making of coffee by forcing water through coffee at great pressure.

All of our Dark and Medium roasts work with Espresso, and in Switzerland and Italy the latter is preferred as a smoother espresso is the result.  And remember, Espresso tends to have less caffeine than other forms of coffee — you’d need to consume four shots of espresso is equal to the caffeine in one regular cup of coffee!  

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Coffee, a magic word with a magic power. It can be used as a great medicine to help patients, and it can be taken as a popular drink all over the world. Coffee is a potent source of healthful antioxidants, it provides a short-term memory boost, helps protect against cognitive decline and it's good for your heart.