The Toronto Blue Jays Celebration Beer Crate

  • OK.  Blue Jays.  Let's, play, ball!

    Canada's Baseball team has a lot to cheer about. This Toronto Blue Jays Celebration Beer Crate includes six beer, Blue Jays Collectibles, Mustache glasses, and lots of goodies to enjoy the game.  It is a wonderful gift for a Blue Jays fan.  Add more beer or goodies if you like by selecting items from the drop down menu below.
  • Including in this Beer Gift Basket:

    Beer - 6 Beer - 2 Bud Light Platinum and  4 Labatts Blue are included in this basket. The Bud Light is made in Ontario by Labatt Breweries Ontario.  It has 6% Alcohol and is a Lager/Pilsner. Labatt's Blue is made by the Blue Jays former owners - Labatt Breweries and is the biggest reason why the Blue Jays are called the "Blue" Jays!

    Toronto Blue Jays Collectibles - We have included a full sized Toronto Blue Jays pennant, a Blue Jays flag, a Blue Jays Baseball Club decal, Go Jays Go Decal, a Blue Jay decal and 6 Blue Jays pencils.

    Chocolate - Hazelton's Large Box of Chocolate Truffles.

    Cheese - Casetello Rosenborg Camembert is round, full and slightly tangy, with a slight undertone of ammonia. The Cheese retains its taste and consistency throughout the shelf life with almost no change and never develops ammonia or other unbalanced taste notes.

    Beer Glasses - Two Beer glasses decorated with mustaches.

    Crackers - Late July Organic classic saltine crackers. A wonderful cracker for cheese and meat.

    Chips -Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar - around 17 years ago, Kettle Chips head chef, Chris, hit upon the idea of complementing sea salt with the distinctively subtle tang of real balsamic vinegar. Sourced from Modena and oak-aged, it creates the perfect balance.

    Popcorn -  Caramel Popcorn.  "Peanuts, popcorn and cracker jacks!" The second most important ingredient in the famous Baseball song!

    Tortillas - Neal Brothers ORGANIC BLUE CORN TORTILLAS - What makes these chips so unique? It’s the organic blue corn giving them the traditional taste and rich deep colour. 

    Jerky - The Great Canadian Meat Company Beef Jerky - Tasty and perfect for watching a baseball game.

    Bread - Garlic and Onion Beer Bread - This treat can be placed in the oven just before the game starts so it is nice and hot!

    Breadsticks - Joystys are a quality breadstick! 

    Meat - Pepperoni Sticks and Sausage - Two Pepperoni Sticks and one sausage from the Great Canadian Meat Company

    Chocolate - Chocolate covered blueberries. These blueberry treate

    Container - This heavy duty crate will hold up to 24 beer once the crate is emptied of the goodies that are inside!  Has a fashionable lid.



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Customer Reviews

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Christmas Gift Baskets

I sent my daughter and her husband a wine gift basket with lovely wooden cheese tray....they loved it and it arrived on time....was very happy with the service. I ordered from New York state, no problems at all.....not easy to find international gifts at a reasonable, fair price and quality. Thank you Hazelton :)


Got to my destination day of right on time

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