• This gift basket is a great for children of all ages. Filled with delicious candy and treats, The Future is Sweet Gift Basket for Girls is a sweet way to send your regards to the parent of a baby girl or simply to treat someone with a sweet tooth. Included in this gift basket is an array of classic candy like cinnamon hearts, candy corn, sour bombs, gummy berries and more, along with a gourmet chocolate bar, shortbread cookies, several lollipops and artisan-style white chocolate, plus an adorable plush toy perfect for a little one to play with. This basket of sweetness is sure to go over wonderfully with whoever receives it.

  • The Sweets District Cinnamon Hearts : Small cinnamon candy hearts that are guaranteed to serve you with a spicy punch. Also an old time favorite. Enjoy the bold taste of cinnamon in this bite sized heart shaped hard candy. These candies are delicious by the handful but also make a festive garnish for cupcakes and other sweet treats.

  • The Sweets District Candy Corn : Candy Corn is a wonderful blend of creamy fondant, rich marshmallow and warm vanilla notes. When combined, these flavors create the distinct Candy Corn flavor.

    The Sweets District Mini Sour Cherry Bombs : Yes, Sour Cherry Bombs Gummy Candy are sour and yes, they are bomb! But they are also very fresh, chewy and yummy. Not only are they wildly delicious and made right here in Canada

    The Sweets District Mini Sour Blue Raspberries : These are so remarkably delicious. These sweet and sour, sugar-speckled blue raspberry flavoured gummies are mouth-wateringly decadent with amazing raspberry flavour.

    Hammond's Sodapop Milk Chocolate : This milk chocolate, cola flavored treat will delight your taste buds with a fun, fizzy surprise.

    Hammond's Strawberry Shortcake Lollipop 2oz : Celebrating someone special? This handmade lollipop is a great gift or a tasty treat whenever you crave fresh strawberry shortcake.

    Hammond's Peppermint Spiral Lollipop 2oz : Enjoy the endless flavors of Hammond's hand twisted Peppermint Spiral Lollipops.

    Hammond's Rainbow Blast Spiral Lollipop 2oz : Enjoy a favorite flavor in a fun, spiral shape. These handmade Hammond's Lollipops are a fan favorite!

    Marseille Confectionaries White Chocolate with strawberries (pink colour) : 4.4 ounce Artisan style premium white chocolate bar topped with strawberry slices.  Our bars come in our own unique packaging. All bars fully labelled, including ingredients.

    Monarch Gummy Fruit Berries 260g : Monach Gummy Fruit Berries are made with fruit juice, are free of any artificial colours, and are fat free!

    Monarch Pink Candy Confetti 280g : Italian confetti are small, almond sweets with a crisp, sugar coating. Known in the US as Jordan almonds, and in France as dragées, these traditional confectionery are a much-loved and essential offering at any Italian wedding, baptism, anniversary, graduation or significant family event.

    Cookie It Up Shorts White Cholocate Cranberry : Cookie It Up Shorts White Cholocate Cranberry

    Hammond's Bubblegum Lollipop 1oz :Hammond's handmade Bubblegum Lollipops are pretty in pink and perfectly delicious. A favorite for kids of all ages!

    Red Tin Basket : Seamless construction, this bright red metal tin box dimensions are 9 x 6 x 4 inches, 23 x 15 x 10 cm

    Perfectly Plush Meloncoly Melanie : 10" Sitting girl puppy with arm bandage that reads "Get Well Soon"




Our Gourmet Gift Baskets

Indulge in fine decadence in gourmet foods with Gourmet Gift Baskets from Hazelton's. Our sweet and savoury treats are a delight your loved ones are sure to love and cherish.  Express your unique taste with our wide selection of gourmet treats ranging from luscious chocolates, moist cakes, crumbly cookies, salted chips, truffle oils, dry fruits, nuts and more. With gift baskets this delightful, they are sure to make your loved ones beam with joy. 

Free Delivery Across Canada For Orders Over $100 CAD

Your Gourmet Gift Baskets will be delivered by experienced delivery service providers at no extra charge, locally and across Canada.* To qualify for free delivery, a minimum purchase of $100 CAD (Before Taxes) is required per delivery location. Get same-day delivery on your gifts when you order them before 11 AM on that day.* For more information on our same-day delivery services, visit our Delivery Information page to ensure your gift baskets get to you ASAP. 

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