"Let's Celebrate" Gift Basket

  • This Liquor Gift Basket is made for celebrations! It includes a liquor of your choice, four Corona Beers and a great selection of tasty treats. Whoever receives this Gift Basket will love it! You can choose the liquor you would like in this gift basket (see below). 

  • Beer - Four Corona beers from Mexico!

    Chips - Spudniks Potato Chips- The Spudnik potato chips are light and crunchy, and just the thing you need to make every celebration more delightful.

    Tortillas - Los Cantores - Originals! -When it comes to making tortilla chips, the ancient Aztecs knew better. They perfected a maize-processing technique that results in better taste and aroma, better texture, better nutrition, and an all around better tortilla chip. This technique was essentially lost when maize was adopted by Europeans, but thanks to our dedication to authentic Mexican flavour and an old family recipe, you'll find Los Cantores has the best tortilla chip in the bag.

    Crackers - Gone Crackers Olive Oil & Cracked Pepper Crackers: Delightfully seasoned, Gone Crackers unique and delicious crackers are a wonderful treat to share and enjoy.

    Drink Mix - Minute Mixology Cocktail Mixer: Mix with your favorite alcohol to create a treat that will delight and satisfy guests at any party. Ideal with gin and vodka.

    Pretzels - East Shore Waffle Pretzels - These pretzels are traditionally seasoned, ensuring every bite is full of satisfyingly crunchy delight. Great on their own or paired with your favourite drink. 

    Olives - Delish Gin Lemon Olives: Wonderfully bold, Delish’s marinated olives are a true delight, and the perfect companion to any appetizer or entree.

    Hot Sauce - Big Bad Bobby's Chipotle Hot Sauce - This chipotle hot sauce embodies a complexity of layers. Sweet and tangy flavors hit full blast. The robust taste and texture is punctuated by a deep smack of heat. 

    Lime - 1 lime

    Nuts - Almonds, Chipnuts, and Pistachios: This gift set comes with an assortment of almonds, chipnuts and pistachios, the ideal combination of salted treats to accompany a cold crisp beer.

    Salsa - Casa de Salsa Medium Salsa: Spiced and seasoned to perfection, this classic style salsa has a bit of a kick. Let this salsa take your next burrito, nacho plate, or fajita to the next level.

    Container - Woven basket which is surprisingly roomy with handles on either side.



What Is Included in this Liquor Gift Basket?

This liquor gift basket includes a bottle of Swedish vodka which can be upgraded if you wish – Absolut Vodka. This bottle of liquor may be upgraded to any of the liquors from our extensive collection of alcohols from around the world, including several upgrade options at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great liquor gift even better. Your gift recipient will love this liquor!

Free Delivery in Canada

Your Gift Delivery will be delivered by experienced delivery service providers at No Charge — Locally and Across Canada*! To qualify for Free Delivery  a minimum purchase of one hundred dollars (CDN) (before taxes) is required per delivery location.

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