The Oktoberfest Custom Beer Keg Gift Basket

  • The Oktoberfest Custom Beer Keg Gift Basket comes with 6 European beer, snacks and much more! This basket is beautifully presented in a half barrel! If you wish you can add more beer to this gift basket by choosing how many beers you would like. You can choose from Canadian, Premium, Craft and Specialty beers! This basket is perfect as a Father's day gift or just a regular gift for a beer lover!

  • Included in this Gift Basket:

    Beer - Six European Beers: You’ll receive a variety of six European beers in this gift set.

    Hardbite Smokin’ BBQ Chips: These Smokin’ BBQ chips are packed with the promise to sound crunchy, feel hearty and taste smoky.

    Chocolate - Monarch Handmade Gourmet Chocolate Truffles: The king of confections and chocolates once again proves their mettle with these delightfully light yet decadent chocolate truffles.  Evolving flavours roll across the palate, indulging the senses with each and every morsel.

    Cheese - Boss Gourmet Cheese: Delight in the rich cheese of BOSS. Rindless and creamy, this delightful cheese is the perfect companion to crackers and a glass of wine.

    Variety Of Nuts: This gift set includes a combination of 2 sets of nuts (if there is a specific variety of nuts you would like included please request it in the notes).

    Dish - Saucer: This serving saucer is the perfect addition to your next party and allows you to serve a variety of snacks while getting your guests settled in.

    Tortillas - Los Cantores - Originals! -When it comes to making tortilla chips, the ancient Aztecs knew better. They perfected a maize-processing technique that results in better taste and aroma, better texture, better nutrition, and an all-around better tortilla chip. This technique was essentially lost when maize was adopted by Europeans, but thanks to our dedication to authentic Mexican flavour and an old family recipe, you'll find Los Cantores has the best tortilla chip in the bag.

    Half Barrel: A high-quality wooden half barrel that makes a very handsome container for newspapers or in a bar.



Hazelton's Beer Gifts

Beer gift baskets from Hazelton’s will include items such as gourmet snacks, some classic food pairings that work well with all types of beer and much more. At Hazelton’s you will find the perfect gift basket for any beer lover in your life. Since Beer is one of the most consumed drinks on the planet, only after water and tea. With a wide selection of Beer Gift Baskets you can’t go wrong, from the tastiest craft beer to some of the most popular beers - our beer gift baskets have it all!


Your Beer Gift Baskets will be delivered by experienced delivery service providers at no extra charge, locally and across Canada.* To qualify for free delivery, a minimum purchase of $100 CAD (Before Taxes) is required per delivery location. Get same-day delivery on your gifts when you order them before 11 AM on that day.* For more information on our same-day delivery services, visit our Delivery Information page to ensure your gift baskets get to you ASAP. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
lovely basket

I sent this to my best friend who is a elementary school teacher. I usually send her flowers every year on the first day of class wishing her a productive and great year but this year I chose to do something different. She was thoroughly pleased with her gift and the envy of all the other teaching staff.

perfect gift

Gifts from Yorkville’s are always appreciated by those I sent them to....they are quality products, arrive on time and the baskets themselves are a spectacular presentation. Yorkville’s gift baskets are always on my "giving" list for any occasion!

very nice

I always love doing business with Yorkville’s...their baskets are beautifully arranged and full of wonderful goodies and everyone LOVES them! Thank you!

Gift for 50th

The receiver described it as awesome.

Great value for money

The basket has quite nice things to offer. A refreshing beer always feels better when you have some delicious snacks or little something to go with it. I would recommend this basket as it is really a good value for money. The service is also good.

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